Fergal's Website

There's bugger all here at the moment. Hopefully I'll have info on my travels and stuff but I'll probably be too lazy

To start with, some movies from my trip to Australia a few years ago, although you'll probably not be able to watch them.

I'm just back from travelling around the world for 1 year. Here are the mails I senting home charting my progress.

I'm currently employed but here's my CV anyway.

Some bad poetry in a mix of Chinese and English

My email address is fergal at esatclear.ie. In case you were going to ask, I don't want to buy cheap printer cartridges, septic tank cleaning kits or organ enhancement devices. If you're the last remaining descendant of a corrupt African dictator and you need my help to get $20,000,000 out of the country, then I want at least 70% of the money as the last few times I tried to help out I got ripped off.